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Road tuning under modelled fuel equation mode

Road Tuning

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Probably a dumb question but can you use the quick tune assistant (manual or auto) when running in the modelled fuel equation mode to tune the fuel map.

I have a large tablet pc mounted in a good spot with a wifi keyboard so I can keep my eyes on the road.

Away overseas at the moment and just inquiring.

Appreciate the advice.



Really there is no difference between the tuning with the modelled fuel equation and a millisecond based fuel model - An autotune function will work in either mode. It's obviously critical before you start tuning the modelled fuel equation though to make sure you have you fuel characteristics, injector details and engine capacity correctly configured. You should also go through the calibration of the charge cooling gain/coefficient too so that your lambda tracks target correctly.

Thanks for clarifying that Andre.

I bought a matched set of Bosch 1000cc EV14 injectors set from NZEFI they have the characterisation data, but only for a base fuel pressure of 3Bar. Looks like no short width pulse adder data though. Do not suppose you would have a rough table at all?

Have fuel temp and press also. I take it once I set the temp up, the ECU just adds that into the equation.

Thanks for your help and a great website and school. Cleared up many things for me!!

All the best


I would start by calling NZEFI and asking them if they have that data. If they can't help you then there is a limit to what you can really. You will probably find that the ID injector data will be a close match since they are both using a Bosch EV14 injector.

Yes, once you have fuel temp set up the ECU will use this in the fuel equation.

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