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I have a 1995 camaro on hp tuners with a 3.8 v6 with stock internals other than keith black hypereutectic pistons with a chinese gt35 turbo running only 5psi of boost till i can figure out this issue.. i have rewired the harness for a 98 ecu and have been running it for a couple months with this ecu.

Fuel system: in tank aem fuel pump 320lph and aem inline pump 380lph. seimens deka 80lb/hr injectors.

with all this fuel delivery you would think it should be easy to squeeze out at 11.5 afr under boost but i cant get it to show more than a 13.9 on my afr gauge even though its commanding 9 to 10 afr at these times and i have altered my ve table to max at some points. I have played with the maf curve with nothing but poor results so right now i am running a speed density tune. as youll see in the attached tune file ive even tried reducing my injector size in the tune trying to squeeze out that fuel and it makes no difference. what am i doing wrong? any help is appreciated

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Is your fuel pressure regulator referenced to manifold pressure?

What fuel pressure do you see when the engine is stopped?

What is the fuel pressure when on boost?

Where is your wideband O2 sensor located (pre or post turbo)?