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Hello Andre,

i'm new to tuning from scratch [=

searched the forum but did not came across a straight answer to my questions..

for reference, the engine is a turbo B18c.

Q: i guess that i cannot get to knock level at low load\rpm, how do i need to approach that ?

-follow the trend from the base map until i get to the point of knock?

and then apply and adjust the changes to the lower load\rpm levels ?

lets say i start to get knock at 3500rpm at -40kpa (0 is atmospheric pressure) i continue to tune all the 3500-4500rpm level and then apply and adjust that changes to the lower levels?

Q: is it safe to get to knock every cell that we tune on steady state? do we need to give the engine time at idle somewhere ? (except from cooling temp)

sorry for my bad english, thx!

Anyone ?

Hi Chen, you're right that you are unlikely to get the engine to knock under light load and low rpm. You also don't need to make every cell knock when you're road tuning - this would be impossible in some cells and very time consuming. Instead what we're doing is optimising our timing under WOT ramp conditions and then extrapolating the results into the low load area of the map. This is likely to mean your light load timing may not quite be optimal but there isn't an easy way to sort this without a dyno.

Thanks for the replay. (: