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Step 8 full power tuning detonation

Road Tuning

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I've replayed the audio from the first run multiple times. I cannot pick out the detonation at the top of the run. From my understanding it when the car begins to knock it should be a slight "popping" sound? Any tips on how to better discern normal engine noise from detonation?

Depending on the engine specification, boost, power, tune parameters, etc, you may not actually be reaching the point where detonation occurs. If this is the case that'll be why you can't pick it up.

What are you using to record, and listen, for it?

Hi Gord,

I wasnt all too clear with my question. I was referring to the practical example in the road tuning course module where Andre does a full power run while listening to knock. He states in the video of the first run that we should have been able to pick out the knock at "the top of the run". I've played back that section of video several times and cant seem to pick out exactly what hes talking about. I have watched other videos in which knock sounds like pennies hitting a tin roof (or something along those lines). He has another video demonstrating knock with the plex knock monitor, and that one is clear as day.

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