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struggling to find good HP Tuners filters for histograms

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I have been playing with avg and slope options, using everything from commanded lambda, throttle position, pedal position etc. to remove transients but I cannot seem to find anything that works well. Do any members have anything that they use that works well for them?

In all honesty I don't use filters. I'm very particular with the way that I drive when I'm logging data into a histogram to avoid any transients. This has worked well for me on the dyno and on the road although admittedly it's a little trickier on the road. I'd try filtering with rate of change of TPS though if you did want to try and filter out transient enrichment. There's some information in this thread that explains the Dx/Dy filter setup - You'll need to scroll down a bit to get to the info though. Look for the post from Chris @ HP Tuners.

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