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HI just need a clarification on trigger setups, since the cam trigger should occur between two of the crank trigger teeth, when using a vernier cam pulley

to advance or retard the cam, the trigger might occur off the designated range, should i change the timing on the ignition map?, what adjustments should i make,thanks

First of all this will depend on where the cam trigger is located - If it's located on the cam itself then yes it will move when you adjust cam timing. If on the other hand the pickup is on the actual cam wheel then it will remain fixed.

If you are adjusting the cam timing then it's important to check and reset your base ignition timing if you've confirmed that the trigger location will be affected.

Thanks andre for the information, but will it make a difference on a 2nd gen 4G63 evo 4 since the cam sensor is on the exhaust cam,and if we are only adjusting the intake cam?, thanks