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Hi Guys,

I have an Idea in my Head for a long time and want to here you opinion about it. If we maximize our Airflow throw the Engine we can maximize our Poweroutput later with the right Ignition and Fuel.

My engine has VVTI and i plane to buy adjustable exhaust cam gears. My plan is to run mild timing with a fixed exhaust gear and road tune my VE Table via Autotune + calculating them with very long Log files with Software. After that tweeking the exhaust cam and start again.

The last step would be to change camshaft and again start from scratch. After a while there will be a lot of data to decide wich cam profile and camtiming is optimal for the given rpm range.

After all the VE stuff is optimized i would start to tune fuel and timing on a dyno. I mean the Idea is not realy effizient but i have a lot of time and my money is limited. So is it at least doable or are there some rare scenarios where less VE makes more power?

Thank you


In my personal experience it's very difficult to optimise cam timing accurately on the road. The sort of changes we see as a result of perhaps a 5 degree change in cam timing is often quite hard to detect even on the dyno so doing so on the road is inherently difficult. It wouldn't be impossible to get close but it's going to be tricky. If you had an airflow meter fitted to the engine then this can help because you can directly correlate MAF to cam timing for a fixed rpm and load. In short though it is going to be tough.

What engine, vehicle, and ECU? Can you provide full mod list?

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