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Vvt mapping on the road

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Hey guys I have a 1jz Vvt il be fitting a link G4+ Storm to soon , car has stock cams turbo is gtx3576r from watching the webinar my only feedback for Vvt mapping on the road is ajust the Vvt untill I find the leanest afr at that load point then ajust fuel again , i do have access to a dyno but I would like to have it close before going there to save costs , also is there a trend with Vvt under boost that it will require more or less advanced, thanks for any help I'm very new to tuning Vvt

Optimising VVT tuning on the road and getting the best results unfortunately is all but impossible. The trend that you mention is correct (adjust the cam timing and watch if the AFR goes lean), however it's going to be difficult to be really accurate with this on the road.

The best you could hope to achieve in my opinion would be to take an approximation of what you expect the cam target to be, get the fuel and timing close on the road, and then hire some dyno time to fine tune it. Within reason you're going to see the intake cam timing want to advance at low rpm (perhaps 1500-3500 rpm) and then smoothly taper back to full retard by the time you reach the rev limit. To complicate matters though you will find that you almost certainly won't want to use the full extent of the mechanical cam movement at low rpm - For example if the cam can mechanically advance 45 degrees, you may only want to use 30 or 35 degrees advance at low rpm. Also as you reduce load, you tend to also reduce the advance value.

While it's not totally applicable to road tuning, check out some of the webinars we've run on VVT tuning for some general guidance on the shape of the VVT target map.

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