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AUDI S5 2011 Drag setup

Suspension Tuning & Optimization

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Hi, im looking for some modifications for my audi suspension to get better 60ft results in drag racing. Maybe somebody have experience installing coilovers and setting them for drag racing, does that help for 60ft? Maybe there are some other modifications could be done to achieve better 60ft. It would be intresting to hear from people who really measured some gains with modifying suspension.

Thank you

Sounds like a fun project!

This is pretty vehicle specific. Hopefully there's a 2011 Audi S5 drag gurus here to help more, but for now one of my generic drag processes involves taking a look at what's happening to your suspension as you launch the car through a combination of sticking a camera i.e. GoPro under there, and putting a zip tie on a shock to see how far it travels.

Things get more costly in time and parts when you get into testing spring rate and anti squat combinations, but I start with basics like alignment and tire pressure. Once you see what the suspension is doing on a launch you can get the car on a lift, exercise the suspension and see how toe is impacted by squat, then potentially choose to alter static toe so dynamic toe during a launch is more favorable. That car likely toes out in the rear on launch, which is not ideal.

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