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Finding specific values for preferable performance

Suspension Tuning & Optimization

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I am designing a suspension for a semi off road car / daily use and I have been trying to figure out what specific values for suspension geometry are preferable, such as what height should I have my roll and pitch centers? Should I minimize how these move? What is a good amount of anti squat and pitch? How much shorter should my upper control arm be compared to my lower? What specific angles should I have for kpi and caster? Is there any resource for this?


I'm not ideally suited to answer this myself, but I suggest providing more info on your requirements for the off road portion of your use. I think that would help others best answer. Off road can mean a lot of things from rock crawling to rallycross to baja type driving or other scenarios, and they vary quite a bit in terms of ideal setup.

It will be closer to rally off roading, but it will mainly be used as a daily driver

Right on. I look forward to hearing what's suggested.

Is this a one-off special, or a modified production vehicle?

If the latter, is it FWD, RWD, AWD? What suspension type is it using, front and rear? What are the roads like - fast and flowing or tight and twisty? Are they smooth and swept or rough and bumpy?

Either way, you have a big advantage in "off road" tyres being relatively narrow and with a higher profile, and suspension travel is longer. This means they aren't nearly as sensitive to set-up.

I'd start with looking to see what's currently available, and what the folks using similar vehicles are using.

This will be a completely custom vehicle. I'm planning for it to be RWD with double A arm in both front and back. As for roads, I don't have anything specific in mind so I will say a mix of all. The tires I'm planning on using are 33x12.5R22. Where would I find what people are using for something similar?

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