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influence of antisquad different suspenion layouts

Suspension Tuning & Optimization

Relevant Module: Suspension Geometry > Anti Effects

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What is the influence of antisquad on the following suspension:

- double wishbone

- solid axle

- inwheel / hub motors

There are multiple ways to look at this problem, but what is the correct way to do it?

Also literature about this topic makes a differentiation between between the suspension types and where the instant centre line is drawn to (tyre contact patch or hart of the axle).

This video shows a good example of what I mean:


I was hoping a suspension guru would have commented, but in short terms, anti-squat uses the drive torque through the suspension to artificially stiffen the suspension and lift the chassis in reaction. The most basic is a torque tube, or arm.

Different suspension designs, and especially their mounting points, will have different characteristics.

Because of the different designs, each one will have it's own "correct" way to calculate it - the tricky part is knowing what's right for your application.

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