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Oval car suspension setup

Suspension Tuning & Optimization

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Hi is there anyone out that can assist with suspension setup on an oval car as we are building one and we need some tips on suspension setup

"an oval car" covers an aweful lot of ground - some details would help, like FWD or RWD, dirt, clay or tarmac, track length, etc.

Not something most of us will have played with, but there are some general points than we might be able to comment on.

Hi Gord yes it something new to me as well so here is the breakdown it an tube frame rear wheel drive turbo charge oval car it an 400m track split in to 4 100m straight 100m corner 100m straight 100m corner engine is an 4age with an g25 turbo and an r21 gearbox so my problem is rear suspension how do I go about diff rod length nand general setup

I would take tire temps and use that to dial in what the car needs regarding camber / toe / roll stiffness.

Since you seem to be at the build stage, working on the rear suspension design, and it's your first build, it's probably be wise to start of with a conservative setup, similar to what others are using, with a selection of pick-up points on the chassis, and axle, for radius rods' mounting points (the angle and/or lengths will affect the rear-steer inder braking, mid-corner and on exit, for example), and the panhard, Watt's linkage, or other lateral control. There are definite benefits of having a Watt's linkage pivot on the chassis, rather than the diff, and having it adjustable will álso allow easy changes to the rear roll centre.

Before going any further, I'd strongly recommend you pick up a couple of the books specifically on race, sprint, or dirt-track chassis and/or suspension design, so you have a better idea what you want to try from the many different designs available to to you, within the rules.

On that last, read the rule-book carefully, have a think about it, re-read it, look at your options and what everyone else is doing, have a think on why they've gone down that/those route/s and what your other options are and their benefits/disadvantages.

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