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Ride height adjustment yellow speed coilovers

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Hi there. I’m a little confused what the correct method is to adjust the ride height on my 1998 integra dc2 type r on yellow speed coilovers. Your online course says to adjust ride height via the spring perch but on yellow speeds instruction book with my coilovers it says to only adjust the ride height via the bottom bracket-body and to not adjust the spring perch-spring pre load. ???

There are two basic types of coil-over spring mounting systems.

The first has the body and lower mounting as a single piece, with a simple lower collar and lock ring - the ride height being adjusted by moving that seat up and down as required, after selecting the spring rate and length. This the traditional and most common type and I believe it's what the on-line course has in mind

The second type has the threaded spring seat (I'll refer to this as upper adjustment), but also a threaded adjustment between the damper body and the lower mount (I'll refer to this as lower adjustment). There is some difference in thoughts with this type - some suggest the lower be used for a rough adjustment and fine adjustment using the upper. IMO, that cancels the main advantage of this type as it allows the top to be adjusted so the spring is just preloaded - allowing full spring extension and preventing the abrupt change in wheel rate when a higher pre-load suddenly runs out of extension, which means a progressive action throughout the travel. It also means the spring length isn't quite as critical - but the rate(s) and length(s) should still be as close as practical to what's needed, so not only is there no sudden 'top out', there is no sudden bottoming out under compression, that can occur with short springs of the correct rate.

With the spring captive with the top adjustment, the actual ride height can be set using the lower adjustment. I believe your documentation will agree with the second method.

Thank you for your reply. I have left my upper adjustment alone as it’s pre set in the factory and I have adjusted my ride height via the bottom adjustment section only as advised in the manual. My main concern is have I done the correct thing by going off the manual or should I adjust them the way the video recommends??

Follow the manufacturer's manual/guide, you'll find all the guides for that type have the same recommendations. The video is really just applicable to the first type, although some do prefer to adjust the type you have the same way, which I think is daft - it's not using the specific design feature it's designed for and one is paying extra money for it, and usually adding unsprung mass, which is normally a bad thing (the advantages should out-weight that, though).

Thank you for your advice much appreciated

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