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Hello! I am in the process of setting up an e30 race car, I've got most of the suspension laid out the way I want. My previous experience has been on FWD setup so this is new to me. I am working through some of the suspension tuning for our upcoming practice and have a general question related to roll centers and balance.

My understanding is typically the rear roll center for RWD will be lower than the front roll center, which will tend to help with rear traction under throttle. For those who know, will this also tend to cause the car to understeer?

If so, what is the best method for adjusting balance without reintroducing inside wheel spin? Does this just end up being a compromise and driver technique issue?

If this is a 'normal', ie non-M3, it uses a semi-trailing rear suspension, and I understand the main concern is restricting the travel because of the camber and toe change during the suspension travel?

Can't really offer any useful suggestions, as it's late here and I'm already nodding off.

Don't assume all rear wheel drive have a lower rear roll center. My mid-engined (ie, rear weight biased) race car is designed and works properly with a higher rear roll center. We often change balance by just changing the ride height / roll center.

Yes, lowering the rear roll center should always move in the direction of more understeer, less oversteer.

If your problem is inside traction, your issue lies with Anti-Roll Bar rates and/or too much Damper Low Speed Rebound (assuming there is no suspension binding)

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