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Spring rate and dampening for drag racing

Suspension Tuning & Optimization

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I am currently doing your suspension tuning optimization coarse in seeking info on suspension setup for FWD drag racing. Apparently the coarse speaks mainly to road racing and circuit. Is there any advice as it relates to setting up coilovers for optimizing grip, spring choice based on corner weights and also adjusting dampening based on the cars behavior?

This is something i also is interested in. But for 4WD cars. What to look for in the data and so on.

Anyone can help?

Have you seen this article:


It makes some good suggestions about using a high-speed video recording to capture what is happening with the tires initially.

It also references this video on from QA1 on adjusting rear shocks for drag racing:

I know that's all about rear-wheel drive, and you indicated front wheel drive, but the same basic principals apply. You will want to keep the tire on the track.

Hi guys,

The course does focus more on road racing, however the principles are no different it's all the same physics! In theory, if you're dealing with drag racing then the optimisation problem you're dealing with is simpler than road racing as it's mostly traction you're looking to maximise.... in theory anyway!

Like most things in damping, using damper pots and logging will be a big help. Of course, there's a bit to it, but essentially you're trying to keep the vertical tyre loads as steady as possible. Therefore, you want to keep suspension oscillations as steady and as small as possible. Using this in conjunction with longitudinal G will help you zero in on spring and damper settings.

You see a lot of phones being used in the staging lanes at drag races now for that reason David, they are using the high speed video to capture the operation of the tyre and suspension at launch. This is more the case when they are running logging hardware that doesn't have a high enough sampling rate for proper analysis of the suspension movement.

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