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Hello brains trust

Just like feedback on

How much travel should you chase from a shock with wheel to shock of 1:1 ratio

In other words I'm looking for a new damper and trying to work out how much travel up down from your wheel in total need.

For a track car, hardsurface tracks.

Is 100mm plenty??? More less etc

Depends on the weight of the car, how much aero, how sticky the tyres are, whether you care about a wheel lifting, what spring rates your car wants, driver preference, what state your spine is in and about a dozen other factors.

On my kit car I have -

Front - 66mm travel to bump stop (then about 21mm on the bump stop), about 16mm droop and 50mm bump...of which only 46mm of bump is used. Looking to increase the droop now I have fixed chronic bump steer. Currently the inside front wheel lifts.

Rear - 110mm travel to bump stop (then about 35mm on the bump stop), about 35mm droop and 75mm bump...of which only 55mm of bump is used.

I have moderate downforce, weigh 840Kg, sticky tyres and being RWD don't care much about front wheels lifting. And I can cope with a very stiff car.

My old race car spent half it's life with insufficient bump travel. It was a nightmare, an extra inch allowed the spring rates it really wanted and transformed the car.

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