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400 shot of N20

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I have my closed loop target to 11.0 to 1 AFR on a 400 shot of N20, do you think that's good? or what do you recommend?

LSX 422 12:1 compression Holley Dominator efi VP C23 120lb holley injectors 43psi fuel pressure.

I'd say 11.0:1 is probably slightly richer than necessary but certainly in the ball park and a safe place to begin optimising the nitrous tuning. Make sure you remove timing as well, particularly with a relatively high static compression ratio. The usual rule is 2 degrees per 50 hp so for a 400 shot I'd start by retarding 16 degrees from your timing map. This is usually overly safe but it's always good practice to begin with a conservative tune and then optimise it from there.