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Additive compensation tables

Understanding AFR

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The suggestion that was made about being careful with multiple compensation tables made we wonder, what would be better, to have one particular table for let's say air intake temp, or would you still set up multiple tables? If so, how do you go about making sure those tables' values are not being added causing your engine to run poor?


The general way to tune would be to map your main fuel and ignition tables and then edit the compensations as required.

If you have poor running after editing compensation tables and mapping then you should be able to see run time values to see which compensations are active to narrow down the cause, so long as it's not a mechanical or component faulre

I will frequently use multiple compensation tables and there is nothing wrong with doing so as long as you understand the potential implications and how they may add up.

If I know I may have 2 or more compensations affecting the running of the engine, often I'll be a little less aggressive in the amount of control I allow each comp to have.

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