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Aem failsafe gauge tacho signal wire

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Hi im Craig from northern Ireland this is my first post but getting some great info off the forum . My problem is i have a aem failsafe gauge for my boost and afr but my car has canbus to control the tacho so there is no signal wire to connect to. Is there a way of getting a tacho signal on a canbus vehicle for the aem failsafe to work fully? Would like it all working as it also data logs .. Thanks Craig

Hi Craig, it's possible you could use a trigger wire to a coil or possibly even a trigger from an injector depending how configurable the tach input is on the AEM gauge. I've not used one so i can't really comment further sorry.

Thanks for the reply there does seem to a small amount of configuration on the aem software for data logging. I will perhaps try and tap into the voil pack for a signal any recommendations on how best to do this it a GM 4 cylinder turbo with a Bosch coil pack ..Vauxhall Bosch Ignition Module

9198834 / Bosch 022503468



You'd want to tap into a trigger wire for the coil assuming it's an internal ignitor coil. This is assuming the AEM gauge will accept this signal.

Yea I'll have to give it a try and see if it can recognise the signals any way ..

Aem themselves haven't been much help.