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AFR race engine

Understanding AFR

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I want ask about AFR :

- Methanol fuel

- methanol with nitromethane 10%

naturally aspirated engine ( stroker )

What is it your wanting to ask about them? What AFR'S to run? Is it for drag racing?

sand drag race ...

i ask for best afr when throttle full open ( 3000+ RPM

First of all for the sake of simplicity I'd suggest you use units of lambda for your tuning. This is even more important when you're tuning on a fuel such as methanol.

As per the information delivered in the course, there is no one number you can apply to AFR for every application. You need to test your particular engine and see how it responds best and from this testing you can decide what lambda value to apply. Based on my own experience on N/A methanol combinations I'd start at about 0.78-0.80. Just understand that this is a starting point.

I don't tune on nitromethane so I can't really provide any input on this fuel.

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