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AFR readings.

Understanding AFR

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My car is running e85 most of the time. My wideband Is reading 11.14 at around 30-36 psi on a 72mm turbo. Does this mean that my current tuner has not changed the Stoichiometric reading of the e85?

When translated to lambda (0.75) it seems to be reasonable figure for that level of boost. Your gauge is showing AFR for gasoline. If you want it to be displayed for E85 you just need to change the dial face.

I’m getting the AFR reading from the data log. Yes that’s what the gauge says but would the data log change how it reads if he was imputing the e85? Thank you for the response!

Actualy the gauge always reads lambda but it is the dial face that can be changed to display the data you want to see - it can be showing lambda, AFR for fuel, AFR for e85, AFR for anything. The actual reading that goes to the gauge is always in lambda - it is just a matter of showing it in more convenient way for you.

I remember that now in one of the courses. Thank you for teaching me something haha.

As Shota said, it's just converting lambda to AFR. If you have the option, I'd strongly recommend changing it to a lambda scale, as the AFR is going to change depending on the fuel blend you're using (the last admin' actually allowed the fuel companies to use an even less accurate rating and the "E85" at the pumps can legally have even less ethanol than you may expect). If you stick to lambda, 1.0 will always be Stoich', and richer or leaner than that will always be the same, proportionally.

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