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AFR Target Table - Axis not Linear ?

Understanding AFR

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I'm using UpRev on my Nissan VQ37 and have noticed the AFR target table x axis is not linear. The two highest values are really close together which leads me to believe I'd be better served by making this linear ?

Is this a peculiarity of UpRev / Nissan ? Is this expected and done for some reason ? Should I change it ? Thoughts ? :)

Imaged attached of the table.

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They do that so that all the interpolation will be between the two break points that are close together. In your table it assures that full throttle is 12.8 AFR or richer at all RPMs.

I would leave that as is.

Thanks David ... I was curious about that aspect actually. So if the table is 8x8 say, is the data actually written and used in the ECU much higher resolution based on interpolation between the values we deal with in software ?

Yes, exactly -- that's why you don't necessarily need more cells unless there is an unusually rapid change in values (like Vtec switchover points cam/intake/exhaust interaction, or WOT AFR targets).

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