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Building VE table from scratch

Understanding AFR

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Just wondering what the process is to building a VE table from scratch.

Say you set the entire table to 60, you get idle on target at say 64. Do you now jump to the next RPM column say 1500 which is still 60 and you start dialing it in which most likely will be going higher? Wouldn't the 2000 column, which is still 60, be skewing your 1500 numbers? You get 1500 dialed in you move to 2000 but now changes you make here will affect the 1500 no?

I am interested to see the answer to this question as well! Thanks for posting, littleape.

Seems like everyone is on vacation right now :)

If your in the center of the cell when tuning that number has no effect on the cell beside it.

There are plenty of free webinars that cover the basics of tunning.

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