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Calibrating the Innovate LM-2 wideband sensor and connecting it to link ecu

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I am still learning tuning while my tools were already delivered, I am eager to know what is the best way to calibrate the sensor from the LM-2 for accurate readings?

What is the procedure on link ecu for proper AFR display on the laptop?

Thank you in advance

The LM2 has two analogue outputs that can be configured to whatever you want. By default one replicates a narrow band sensor and the other has a predefined 0-5V calibration. You should be able to select the Innovate pre-defined option in the Link software for the innovate and it 'should' just work. It's really important to confirm that the AFR reading in the Link ECU matches the reading on your LM2 screen though as it's very easy to have ground offsets affect the accuracy of the reading.

If the reading doesn't match then you can create a custom calibration to correct it. An easy way to confirm a ground offset is to calibrate the LM2 to output a fixed voltage irrespective of AFR of 1.00 Volt and then 4.00 volt. Set the analogue input on the Link to GP voltage and see what the actual recorded voltage reads. If you're seeing an error then you can apply this to a custom calibration to offset the AFR data.

Hello, and thank you! what about the wiring to link g4 evo 8 plug and play ecu?

you can fit a connector into the OE lambda sensor signal wire so you can choose either the LM2 or the OE sensor, never together, and change the calibration to suit

Thank you!

Andre, what voltage range do you find is good and less problematic while still retaining a good resolution for accuracy? 1.00 - 4.00 v? or is 0.0-5.00 ok most of the time?

also, if you wired in a signal ground from a IAT to the Signal ground shared by the wideband crimped on the same connector would this be an issue?

I typically set the wideband up with a range of 0.5-4.5 volts. This provides good resolution for the AFR input.

You could share the sensor ground from a sensor like the IAT. Ultimately all the sensor grounds end up in the same location at the ECU header so this will work. For simplicity I prefer to make these connections directly at the ECU though.