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Cross Fueling?

Understanding AFR

Relevant Module: How AFR Affects The Engine > AFR vs Fuel Type

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The concept of differing target lambda values for different fuels makes perfect sense to me… My question lies in situations such as Methanol injection, or even Nos i’d imagine. If the primary fuel is supplemented by something else how should it be approached? Is there a course or useful thread on this already?

There's usually not that much variation in the lambda - are you thinking of AFR, as that can vary a LOT?


This question has come up a number of times so you'll likely find more info searching the forum, but my short short version is when you inject some methanol in addition to your primary fuel, the optimal calibration and net mixed fuel properties are not necessarily linear in terms of the ratio of the primary and secondary fuel. For example switching from gas to methanol you'd be running richer lambda at full load, but adding a little meth injection to a primarily gas fueled engine can allow for leaner than gas only lambda in many cases.

The principles of optimizing the engine for a particular fuel, which could be mixed or not, are well covered in the practical tuning courses.

Being mindful with nitrous and wet shot or programmed additional feelings that you don't have the additional pumping gas so probably want a richer target for thermal management in that case.

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