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Evo X Warm Up fueling MAP

Understanding AFR

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Hi Andre I noticed the evo x have a WARM UP fueling map, I was wondering if this is the target afr map ECU uses for cold start in the morning?

Should I change them to 12.5 for e85 because I noticed my E85 ran crappy when engine is cold doesn't like to be rev until coolant reach 160 F, i suspect this has to do with my current target afr being at 14.7 during cold start.

I haven't had the opportunity to tune an EVO X on E85 so I can't comment specifically. Generally with E85 even once your trims are on point at normal operating temp you will still need some additional fuel enrichment over and above what is required on petrol during cranking/cold start.

The difficulty with using an open source tuning product is help is often lacking and it is up to the tuner to find their way around to an extent. My philosophy has always been to simply try a function and see how it affects the engine operation. There is no danger in adjusting the warm up fuel map and simply testing from a cold start to see what the affect is.

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