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Fuel at part throttle table

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HI Andre

I'm working on Bosch me7.4.4 ecu on Peugeot 206 and when I open the map of it in the ECM Titanium I only have 5 tables in it :

1. injection at part throttle

2. injection (EXT.)

3.lambda sensor

4.Spark advance at middle throttle

5.spark advance (EXT.)

6.rev limiter

whats does this tables mean ? they have rpm and load on axles and the values in the cells are too big like in the first table on load 83 and rpm 5300 I have the value of 6043 what is that ?

thank you


I'm sorry this isn't an ECU I'm at all familiar with so it's hard to offer much help. What is the lambda sensor table? I'm wondering if that may be a lambda target table.

Ok so I just gonna send pictures of it so You can see what I'm talking about, Andre please help me with this tables because I have no Idea what to do with this car ecu I just bought the courses of tuning from you guys And I need to learn how to tune this car with large camshafts or bigger pistons in it, please help me with this. thank you

This whole the tables that ecm shows me for tuning. what are this tables ? please help

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There's a few issues going on here. First of all when I see numbers in a table like 65535 then it is an alarm bell for me as this is simply the largest value that can be represented by a 4 byte hexadecimal number (FFFF). It's usually a sign that the definition is inaccurate and the memory addresses that the definition is using aren't the right ones. This means that you can be editing random memory addresses that will have some unknown effect. The other issue is that your'e only seeing a small number of the actual tables that will be present in the ECU and these aren't sufficient to make the changes you'd need to make if you're changing cams.

Personally I'd be discussing the accuracy of the definition with whoever you purchased the software from. I don't believe you're going to get anywhere useful with what you have currently.

Thank you andre I will check my software for that but what changes I need to make in the map for changing the camshaft ?

Thank you

With a large cam profile that increases the overlap you'll need to be able to access and adjust the target idle speed to increase this, otherwise you'll have a poor idle quality and constant stalling. You'll likely need to also be able to change the MAF scaling and if the system uses a speed density sub system you'll need to be able to access and adjust the VE table. Without access to these tables you'll struggle to be able to tune the engine properly.

Thank you andre do you know anything about winols ?

Thank you

I'm sorry I've never had anything to do with winols. My understanding however is that winols will require you to actually find the maps within the raw rom file and create your own definition which is probably beyond 95% of tuners. Most tuners are going to need to have a proper definition to allow them to see the relevant maps and make changes to them.

Hi andre

Thank you for your replay, What will happen if I make changes to inj. table and don't do anything to lambda sernsor table what will happen ? And how can I notice the part throttle inj table and width open throttle table ?