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In the Fuel tuning Link,

you speak about best Lambda for best power, like Honda civic peak power is around 0,88 to 0,9 Lambda acceleration enrichment.

What is your best experience with RB skyline engines?

I am running now peak load from 4000Rpm to redline with a 0,81 Lambda on 76Kpa

hope to hear from you

cheers from belgium

The key with AFR is understanding that there is no single value that you can apply in all situations or across every engine. This is really the fundamental principle I've tried to get across in the course. It's about understanding how the AFR will affect the running of the engine and then testing to see what a particular engine likes.

I would say that 0.81 lambda given your boost level is a pretty safe place to be in terms of AFR. You may however find that if your engine is heavily knock limited that you may benefit from tuning a little richer to help cool the combustion charge temperature.

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