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Innovate LC-1 ground

Understanding AFR

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Hi everyone,

I am installing an innovate LC-1 on my project car and according to the manual, all grounds (power,signal and control circuit) should be connected to the same ground point, preferably bat-.

Does any one have any experience with this?

So far, I connected the power ground, as well as the control circuit ground (an LED and button used for calibration) to a common body ground, but I grounded the signal to the Logger/ECU sensor ground. So far everything looks OK, but I could use some previous experience.


We do it that way all the time with the LC-2 (and older LC-1). It's possible to have a voltage offset, but you can dial that out with your sensor calibration if necessary.

Which way do you mean? all together, or the signal ground separate?

We do it the way you did it. The signal ground to the logger, the other grounds to the chassis/power ground. Sometimes I only attach the output signal to the logger (so all grounds to the same chassis/bat-.)

Thanks, i will double check for voltage offsets, but the readings look quite reasonable so far.

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