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KTuner information and help please

Understanding AFR

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hi friends,

the problem I’m having is understanding what these two things are and how the relate to each other. I searched the internet and some suggested high low cam and others high low fuel and I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. So please help

I circled it, I’ve been doing 4th gear pulls and struggling to get both in line. Are they desperate, the same? Does one line up the other.

Please Help, Kindest regards and thanks in advance for the clarification.


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Hi J,

I haven't used K Tuner for a while although is the same/very simalar to Hondata Kpro which I use often

The H and L refer to high and low cam (vtec on and vtec off). If looks like you're in the AFR target table, so there will be 2 tables, one based on H cam (Vtec on) and the other based on L cam (vtec off) you also have more tables based on cam angle. You're currently in the L cam 30 degree map.

The K series tuning is quite advance with around 12 fuel maps and 12 ignition maps etc. Andre does a worked example on a DC5 Integra in the practical reflashing course which I think you will find really helpful to understand how it all works.


hi J ,

i too have this ktuner platform but mine is for the 10th gen civic sport 1.5 and i also wondered about these tables but because mine is not Vtec then i just change the low cam values if i need to. its a very rare platform here in the uk and i am still learning how to use it. great to meet a ktuner owner though :D


Yeah I'll keep you posted, I think I need to clean or replace my O2 sensor. I'm buying an ultrasonic cleaner.....

From what I can figure out, the table beside the one you have effects the other one. There's an indication for % change in the fuel map and because there's no changing injector timing to make it properly. I've been changing both and was having good luck with things. I got one video that shows the result one on my Weldorguy youtube channel...vtech kicks my ass in it.


Here's hoping

I'll report what I find after I change my o2 semsor put.

Kindest Regards


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