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Lambda To CAN on PC

Understanding AFR

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Quick question from someone with limited knowledge on this: Is it possible to connect a Lamda to CAN (such as the ECU Master or Link products) straight to a PC and read the values from the tuning softwares? From the manuals I have read it seems like they all need to be connected to an ECU before it can be plugged into a PC to read the data?

I cannot speak for the Link, but for the ECU Master I am not aware that you can connect the Lambda to CAN on the PC and then get the values in the software. You would need to connect it to a CAN bus and then you could access it from the software.

When I'm using a reflashing package like HP Tuners VCM Scanner or Romraider, I use the AEM In-line wideband controler and I connect the Serial output to a Serial to USB converter that I plug in the laptop. Those 2 softwares have options to log the input from the wideband controler that are connected in the laptop.

You will need a device that can interpret the CAN data coiming out of the Lamnda controller to be able to do so. With the MoTeC LTC's you can use a MoTeC UTC to do this, and then use the LTC manager software to read the lambda values from the LTC.

Thanks for the info guys, I guess with that info in mind then I can possibly connect the lambda to a ecu master USB to CAN device to interpret the CAN data before the laptop? (Thought I'd also highlight I keep mentioning ECU master products as they're very easy for me to get where I am here in the U.K!) Or any other usb to can device, which sounds like it's similar to a Motec LTC.

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