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Methanol Concept

Understanding AFR

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Can you safely run methanol on a std turbo charged domestic vehicle ??

I have heard rumours that certain seals would need replacing on the engine for it to run this fuel over a long period, or is that just myth

It's nasty corrosive stuff. Attacks rubber, aluminium and iron. I have seen people that run it on their race cars flush their systems out after use. On a standard road going domestic car it would be a lot of trouble for no real benefit...

I'm not sure about the UK but in the USA it's much easier to get ethanol than methanol in large quantities. The benefits are similar.

I agree with Matt - Methanol is a lot of trouble for a street car, particularly since you can't get it at the pump and you're going to be burning around 2-2.5 times more of it than if you were running pump gas. It's really most suited to race cars where the fuel system can be flushed after an event.

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