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Methanol /e85 mix

Understanding AFR

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The package I purchased so for hasn't really taught me anything I don't already know however it is interesting to watch my question is what are the pros and cons of using a blended fuel of E85 and methanol say for a starting point of 10% ethanol the reason being for burnout cars spinning 2 minutes at over 6000 RPM heat is a major issue with the cooling system as good as it could be keeping engine temps down with E85 simply just dumping more fuel in is generally a result in less power will methanol and e85 help keep engine temps down without the loss of power.

I know most will just say use methanol only but then that's a much bigger cost in relation to fuel system and purchasing larger amounts of methanol

Hey Joel, I have to admit that I haven't used a blend of ethanol and methanol so I can't speak from personal experience here. You're right that methanol burns much cooler than even E85 and coupled with the large quantity of the fuel you're using, this will help with engine cooling. You've mentioned not going to straight methanol as it's a bigger cost which I assume is in reference to the injector and pump requirements. My gut feel however is to get a noticeable improvement from the methanol fuel, you'd likely need to use enough that it will have a reasonable impact on your fuel system requirements anyway. For example I doubt that a 10% blend of methanol (I assume you meant methanol in your question) would be enough to show a real improvement.

To answer your specific question, the pros of using a methanol blend would be the potential for increased cooling along with a higher effective octane rating and less chance of knock. The cons are the fact methanol is corrosive to many fuel system components as well as aluminium engine components, as well as the additional fuel system flow requirements. Ultimately it may be worth trying and testing and then you'll at least have the data to know for sure.

Yes cost being a bigger fuel system the particular car in mention already has a complete aftermarket fuel system thats running around 60% of its capability if the switch to straight methanol was to happen injection and pump would need an upgrade also the ability to get methanol in the area becomes expensive in large quantities .

I'll give 30% methanol to 70% e85 and see if I notice any difference

Please let us know what your results are.

Did you try this out? Interested of E85 + methanol fuel blends for racing applications.

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