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My car has a distributor for ignition

Understanding AFR

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I have a sohc civic turbo that I would like to tune my self but it doesn’t have coil pack ignition it has a distributor is the the ignition table the same? If not how do I go about tuning with my setup.

G'day Edwin.

Yes, you can still tune the ignition of a car that uses a distributor. Some more info on your particular setup would be handy :-).

You'll have to configure the ECU you fit to the car to tell its that its running a distributed engine, so it knows to fire the single coil for every combustion event. The distributor rotor has enough width at its tip to allow the spark event to occur at a range of crank angles, and still jump to the distributor cap and then on to the plugs.

Depending on the vehicle, its likely that the distributor is also the engine position sensor, and you can get the triggering signals from it to wire to the ECU.

Is this a single slammer D16 turbo? What are you tuning with, Chrome? In that case it works like any other system. The ECU still has control over spark advance. It's only really old engines with vacuum and centrifugal (mechanical only) spark that can't do it. Those Honda distributors have a position sensor, coil, and transistor (ignition module) inside them.

D16zc turbo,cp pistons, eagle rods, Val train,

ecu p28 hondata s300, msd coil and distributor cap,3 bar map sensor, rc 1000cc injectors

D16zc turbo, hondata s300 and thanks for the info this is all new to me always had my car turned by someone else so I decided to take these courses

That's a classic single slammer all right. Yeah the p28 s300 controls just fine. It's a heavily modified stock ECU. There should be one spark map for low lift and one for high (VTEC).

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