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O2 Wideband Location and Wiring

Understanding AFR

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Hey guy,

I just finished the practical reflash course and was wondering how to do perform a MAF scaling on various cars if they have only narrowband O2 sensors installed. Obviously I will have to place a Wideband sensor and wire it into my logger. My question are following: If I have a V8 engine, do I wire two Wideband sensors so each bank is monitored? Next, what if the cat is still in the car, can I place the Wideband instead of the narrowband that sits right after the cat, disable it in the diagnostics and use it for tuning purposes? Will my fuel trims still work so I can get correct differences for scaling and such? What is the right approach? Sorry if that sounds redundant but Andrew only says that he is using a Wideband wired to the logger but there are literally no details how to setup on a stock engine with a cat in place. Do I have to make an insert and add it additionally to the existing Sensors? Just trying to understand everything.

Thanks in advance!

I believe this will depend on what vehicle and what tuning software/hardware you're using.

Welding in another bung for a completely separate wideband sensor is probably the best way. EDIT webinar 152; apparently you can be post cat, andre tried it and found minimal difference. I know wonder how the factory 02 sensors measure cat performance...

Some ECU's and software allow you to wire the 0-5V output from a wideband controller into a less important or unused input (EGR position valve for example). I think Andre was vague in that area because there's so many variables here.

The rest I will let someone with more reflash experience answer, but they would also need to know what vehicle/engine are you tuning and what software?

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