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ron100 for ej207 sti best target AFR

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hello,anyone can share AFR tuning experience ron100 octane for sti ej207 12.5AFR get more power, my ej engine before use ron97 octane target very rich 11.7 AFR at full boost 1.5bar after 6000rpm rich to 10.8AFR for reduce knocking,ignition timing full load 15-19 (from knock point retard 2 degree),first time try ron100 octane fuel if no make any tuning feel the car under power at high rev,when tune the fuel map to full load all the way 11.7AFR the car power better than ron97 fuel,afer that try lean out fuel mixture to full load 12.2AFR with no knock exhaust temp maximum 700c feel the car add more torque and power,how about the 12.5 mixture peak power AFR(use ron100 octane) for high boost forced induction?

engine with 92.5mm JE forged piston and jdm sti factory connecting rod,speed density map,defi egt gauge and phormula ks4 knock monitor.

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