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Understanding AFR

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How do you decide on what best fits the motor. For say 350ft lbs tor. wot 1.6 pulse at lambda 1.0 with say 1000cc inj. obviously if you then go 1050cc to make same torg. say maybe 1.3 pulse for a lambda 1.0. Considering I'm correct which I hope I got this down what determines what cc in. would you use like what matters more the amount of fuel or speed. or is it pretty much a wash also kinda just focus on a good median. One more thing torq. vs hp. are you doing same just good median all things considered also I guess I mean I understand if say nascar wot constant for hp. vs F1 maybe a little more torq. for in and out of throttle. or does this not matter either. sorry I know many example here just trying to understand. I guess is every application/variable going to be different in tuning or no matter what do you tune for the motor to perform its best at its operating zone regardless of application. I,m all over the place if u not understand I get it

Assuming port/manifold/airbox injection, provided your predicted required delivery volume and latency fits within the available engine cycle time you should be ok.

There is no difference in terms of fuel or ignition tuning optimising for torque/power. The compromise you seem to be infering is more based on cam profile and intake and manifold design. The tuning process will allow to optimise torque across the engine speed range (for the systemyou have) which will optimise power, the only compromise you may make is for thermal management. Often, depending on the application you may have to forgo a couple of percent power which may be achievable on a dyno or drag strip for a circuit/endurance/marine/aviation application in order not yo overheat components.

I really appreciate it I watched a few more and got it. I was speaking in terms of a new build. As far as my Ecoboost I have not really even touched it which I really need to. I been twisting wrenches long enough I can smell when its running fat and believe me she is doing that. I tried the remote tuning with unleashed tuning which is whats in car now. Mi issue is ram air style intake,full three inch exh. from turbo back to duel Magni flow mufflers, Tb. ported and polished, head is matched and just rounded the edges ported and exh. side same but also polished and matched all 4 on size. I still don't understand the system enough to try and screw with it. I really hate and I mean with a passion how the car does not respond to my foot. I drove super dirt late models for 8 years and had a 410 winged sprint I drove for 12 years on dirt of course so I'm use to driving more so with my foot if you know what I'm saying. This SOB is like a Damn shit I don't even know how to describe it U hammer it with TC off it slowly comes on then it hits, tires break and it falls on its face. I try to peddal it but thats pointless because it does not react fast enough for that to matter. I do se something calles peddal fallower that might be something I'm looking for but I don't know. I have learned so much but I'm gonna finish watching the whole thing before I ask anymore stupid questions and go from there.

I haven't really played with OEM reflash stuff but that sounds like throttle delay settings need to be tweaked. I know most standard non supercars with drive by wire are varying degrees of rubbish in terms of throttle delay but can be fixed pretty easily.

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