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Is there truly an issue with staying in part throttle boost for any amount of time. Currently I'm running a 2.9 whipple maxing at 14 psi, 13 degree of advance under full load 185%. I also have my WOT fueling coming in when the pedal reaches 2.0vs, so when I'm in partial boost (10-12 psi) I'm still seeing 80-82 lambda and the same 13 degrees of advance, but load is 175% vs 185% under complete WOT. The reasoning for my question is because I'm picking up some ST knock between 3300-4000 rpms but only see it at part throttle.

I'm not sure I follow your question? There's no specific issue with staying at part throttle in boost, however in most situations if you're tuning on a dyno then the temperatures can get out of hand quite quickly if the engine is making decent power. Provided you can keep the temperature under control then you're fine. If your'e picking up knock at part throttle then you should be able to remove timing from the specific area of the map that you're logging knock.