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Tuning afr and idle Unstable

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Hello my friend,

i have add my map and a log.

the points we need to tune is:

1. on 1700-2000rpm when i let go the throttle there is a spark and the wideband goes crazy

and when i back on throttle the 1st second is a kick and then it goes OK.

i can see it on the log

2.idle rpm

now it is on 850rpm, it is should be 800rpm

bat when i set 800rpm it goes 100rpm low and high

3.when i let go the throttle the wideband is rich in any gear or speed the RPM goes low to 200-300RPM or the engine goes off

it need to stay on 800RPM when i let off the throttle i saw on the wideband when i go off the throttle for 1sec is rich and when i go on the throttle at the 1st second is lean.

if you need any more logs let me know,

thanks, Tomer.

It doesn't appear that your log file or map are included. Can you also let us know what ECU you're running, what the engine is, and what modifications it has for some context please.

I have a peugeot 106 gti tu5jp4 engine

Ecu elite 1000.

I switched to camshft for catcam 743 I grew injectors for clio 47mm 12 ohm impedence 250cc/min Pico injectors and porting in the throttle.

Map and log file attachments.

If the file did not upload can you give me your email and I will send there?

Thank you and good day.

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