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Using a programmable wideband to make a flex fuel system

Understanding AFR

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Is it possible to use a programmable wideband as part of a flex fuel system like the aem x inline wideband? Could the the wideband act to recalibrate the lambda ratio per the ethanol percentage of a a standard gm flex fuel meter? Would this work , if the injectors and fuel pump have been adjusted appropriately? I have a 2010 vw with a Bosch me 17.5 ecu.. the engine is a CBUA 07k.

Some OEM ECUs are using the wideband input instead of a flexfuel sensor to detect ethanol content. Seems unlikely you can add that strategy unless your vehicle was designed that way from the factory. I don't know of any aftermarket ECUs using that mechanism.

Aem says that their wideband are scaleable, and I'm wondering if I could calibrate the wideband and allow the

ECU to assume all is well and work in lambda. Then use the programmable wideband to set the scale from the

Input from a ethanol sensor. Zeitronics makes a canbus wideband setup also , that may do the trick. I'm just think

There has to be a way to do it with an OEM ECU. Epically it being canbus. I'm kinda stuck since I'm in a carb state

I see how you can change the output calibration, but if the engine is running at Lambda 1.0 on E85 or Lambda 1.0 on E10, how will that inform the ECU that there is a difference and timing can be adjusted? Of course, it will need 30% more fuel with running E85 to get that value.

If you can force the ECU to run closed loop all the time, with enough range to handle E0 - E85, then you may be able to "use your wideband as a flexfuel sensor" if you think of it that way, but there will still not be any adjustment for timing (and none may be needed if normally aspirated).

If you want to mess with aftermarket ECUs in California, the trick is to use an ODB-1 car, and tune it to pass the emissions required. Not difficult. Or build a race car and tow it to the track to race it.

I have VVT on my engine so timing may not be a problem. I think I'll just have to try it. The worst thing that can happen is I'll have newer (larger) and nicer parts in my car and a programmable wideband. I could store the tune and reflash when I want to change fuels, but I want to do it the hard way or the lazy way. A lot of VW motronic ecus have flex fuel and stranglely, pid 51 is fuel type and is activated. None of this means it will work, but its all very interesting. Ive also beem told, there may be a way by using the programming from another unused or deleted input. But that would include building new tables in the ecu. I know with alienworks edu titanium that is possible. Just so much to learn.thanks a bunch for your insight and advice. Thanks for not just dismissing my idea out of hand like most of the tuners or companies do when I ask them about a unconventional solution to a problem.

Ps. My car is an vw jetta with a 5 cylinder 07k CBUA with a Bosch ME 17.5 ecu. I am naturally aspirated with variable valve timing on the intake side, fixed on the exhaust. I know i need larger injecttors i think my fuel pump is on the edge of not being able to supply enough with e85. I will be using this car as a daily that I can tow with. Plus I'm in love with the sound. So I need to make it carb compliant.

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