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WB sensor: power from switched 12V or...?

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Wiring up O2 sensor/controller:

Question, no specific attention in the wiring or EFI course given to how the controller should be wired up, but I've noticed my WB's were damaged quickly. Apparently they should not get power from switched 12V, but from ECU or fuel-pump power, to make sure it only heats up the ceramic element when engine is actually running.

Is that a common rookie mistake, or is it just an urban legend that that's how you damage WB's?

thanks Jasper

In the perfect world the wideband controller shouldn't run the heater until the engine is running to reduce the chances of thermal shock during cold starting. Most new generation CAN based controllers take an rpm signal from the ECU to achieve this. You could however power the controller off the fuel pump relay to achieve a similar result.

Appreciate that Andre. Running two LC-2 Innovate controllers, and don't think they take ECU trigger signals. However, powering them on through a ECU signal to trigger their relay would work just the same I think.

Need to redo some wiring for that, so maybe later. For now, I'll power them through the fuel pump wire running right next to them.

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