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wideband innovate LM2

Understanding AFR

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hello guys, i recently bought a wideband innovate lm2,

as you talk a lot about the wideband innovate Lm2, i`d like to know how to install it just for tunning purposes because i dont want to install it permanently. can you please give me any tips about how i can do that, do i need to un plug the actual o2 sensors? or how is the best way for me to do it. I have seen something like an exhaust clamp that you can buy for that as well. could you plase guide me with that step?

ps: i`m sorry my English is not very good yet, i`m still learning. thank you very much for your help.

Hello Heraldo.

I have the same wideband kit and the same company selling the suitable exhaust clamp( Search on google "innovate exhaust clamp"). Or otherwise you can find some fabricator to make a custom clamp for you. I believe if you remove the existing O2 sensor the ecu will running on limp/safe mode and you will have wrong readings.

Hope i help you a little bit.

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