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Wideband probe position

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About this module, it's everthing clear.

But this didn't explain 1 thing. What is the best position to install the wideband probe?

I heard a lot of disagree from the tuners about this topic. Is that a best distance / position to install properly the wideband probe?

Thank you

It's much less critical than most people try to make out. Often the best place is the place where you have room to actually fit the sensor (which can be hard in a tight modern engine bay). If I have my choice then I'd place the sensor in or just after the collector in an N/A manifold or 250-500 mm off the turbine outlet in a turbocharged engine. If those aren't options then I wouldn't hesitate to fit the sensor where I have room providing it is seeing exhaust gas from all cylinders and it's mounted at or above horizontal.