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Yet Another BMW Phenomenon. Lambda Tunes Not Responding for MAF Scaling.

Understanding AFR

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Dear HPA Community, I am in desperate need of some serious help.

My car has a fully modified intake track from filter to manifold but has a stock MAF.

Tuning the Wide Open Throttle region of the MAF Scaling map is impossible. I am using Alientech equipment.

The Requested Lambda map does not register. It simply does not work.

There is another map called Injection at full load but it is in milliseconds.

With my wide band meter connected and logging CAN data from my LM-2, I cannot reach a static Lambda of .80 at WOT. I tried many, many different values for the Injection at full load map but I was never reaching .80 across the rev range.

I used the Correction Factor math formula and I was getting close but it felt like I was over correcting.

I need a reliable and static Lambda for my entire WOT operating range so I can see where I need to scale the MAF and by how much, not correct my WOT fueling to get exactly .80 Lambda to where I cannot see where the MAF needs to be scaled.

The car is a 1999 BMW 328iS. Stock apart from the intake upgrades and some engine drag reduction with pulleys, belts and a clutch fan delete.

I have done a lot and I am very confused. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you all in advance for your time and effort. Take care.

Hi Zhora, first up let me state that I don't use the Alientech tuning package and I've also not personally tuned a 99 328is. What I can say is that the feedback we consistently hear is that the Alientech definitions are often very limited or sometimes inaccurate. I'm wondering in your instance if theres' something else going on that you don't have access to? Many euro specialists use the Alientech package for reading and flashing but use winols to develop their own definitions. This unfortunately is a little beyond many tuners.

Dear Andre, thank you for the reply. I realize that this is the case and I have been searching everywhere for damos files and xml files. How can someone get into making definitions and what is that process consist of?

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