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0138 | Drive By Wire dyno tuning question

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While watching this webinar I thought back to the torque test that was recently used for, I think, the ethanol webinar. During that torque test, the thought was the throttle was accidentally blipped to skew the test results.

Seeing as a DBW system is nothing more than a voltage input to the ecu, I was curious if there are any ecu manufactures that allow you to input a desired throttle angle for it to hold while you dial in your fueling and ignition? It seems like a drive by wire system would be the perfect tuning tool to emulate an engine dyno with a joystick controlled throttle for just this purpose.

Now, I completely understand this is a huge safety concern as there would be nothing to prevent an idiot from trying this on the road; I was only questioning if it was available on any platforms.

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Yes it's quite possible to set a dbw system to hold a consistent throttle setting. Keep in mind though that the load break points aren't TPS but MAP and the MAP actually changes marginally with ignition timing so you need to manipulate the throttle position slightly to stay central on the cell you're optimising.

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