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I'm quite new to tuning and to this course, so pardon me if this question is unnecessary or if the answer is obvious.

In the webinar 035 where Andre explains how continuous variable valve timing is tuned, he says that this can't be done on the road.

He also demonstrates how he does it by comparing the power output for different timing settings.

But he also mentions that with the better timing, his AFR gets leaner due to the engine being able to pump more efficiently.

The poweroutput increase also seems to be in sync with how much leaner the AFR gets.

Wouldnt it be then possible to road tune the timing by comparing AFR values?

Technically yes, it is possible. The reality however is a little different since we need to maintain steady state in order to really see the effect of changes, and then the changes in terms of AFR that we're likely to see are very small. I know tuners who have tried this on the road prior to having access to a dyno, and then have found massive improvements to be had in their cam mapping when they actually got some dyno time.