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065 | Planning your AFR targets - Naturally Aspirated Engines

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Hi everyone

I am a new learner and doing practice on a Toyota 4a-ge 20v NA engine which is using 4 individual throttle bodies (Alpha N), ECU is Link G4X AtomX. I have studied a few webinar about NA Engine fuel tuning and Alpha N tuning. I have the below question on setting up Target Lamda Map.

1) I set the load using TPS for fuel map and ignition map, using TPS should be better for Alpha N than MAP or MGP. But what about the Target Lambda Map? Should I use TPS as load axis with same resolution as the Fuel Tuning Map?

Thank you

It's usually easiest if the target lambda map has the same axis as the fuel map.

When you use TPS as the load parameter, the throttle angle (angles are often referred to as "Alpha"), and the Engine Speed (again N revs/min often referred to as "N") are used for the table axes. So that is where Alpha N (AN) comes from. If you used MAP or MGP it would be referred to as "Speed Density" (SD), where Speed refers to the Engine Speed, and Density refers to the air density measured by a pressure sensor.

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