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075 | Charge Temperature Compensation

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I have watched the webinar twice but I'm still kind of confused.

I'm using EMU Black but it's the same 3d map, MAPxRPM

0 = IAT

100 = CLT

So let's say we have a basemap, completely raw VE numbers and correction tables set to 0.

If I got it right, IAT correction table should be set to 0 (adjust later if needed)

Then, what about charge temp table, do I just set some rough numbers like 100 at idle, about 40-50 at 3000-4000rpm and 0 closer to max kpa X rpm?

Then it would make sense to adjust the VE table at idle so that we get to the target lambda, say target is 1, then I would leave it idle for 5-10 mins to see if there are any changes, so if i observe it leaner or richer, what do I adjust, IAT or charge temp table? It would make sense to adjust IAT i guess, as the intake temp will rise over time when the car is standing still.

What is the process when tuning on the road and there's not an option to open the bonnet, should I just block the intercooler with something?

It would make sense that intake air temp would also rise, which would be tempting to compensate with IAT correction table.

Those who are doing road tuning, please explain a step by step algorithm on tuning the lambda, I do understand that VE table is the main thing, but I have observed over time that without proper correction tables, it's always off target by 0.2-0.5 lambda.

Also, Andre has mentioned that when adjusting the number closer to 100 (biasing to CLT) we should see a richer lambda, conversely I see the opposite when tuning charge temp on idle on EMU Black, it goes leaner as I raise the number.

Also, on the screenshot attached, I have repeatedly heard 6% lean, while the target is 0,92 and the lambda is 0,956 - I don't get it.

On the second screenshot there are 4 points that Andre mentioned about tuning charge temp, same question, how would we approach this during road tuning?

If there's a text/article about charge temp somewhere please post a link here.

I had read link g4+ help file regarding fuel charge, and i just want to make sure that I got it right, i think the same principle would apply to EMU Black.

tuning fuel charge temperature table 1. Turn off IAT correction table? 2. Turn off warmup enrichment table? 3. Set some rough numbers (100 at low rpm/kpa 0 at high rpm/kpa, interpolate in between.) 3. Tune VE table at 90 degrees CLT -------------------- 4. Start the car again, adjust charge temp table when the CLT is like 30-40-50-70 degrees 5. Turn on IAT correction table (typically 2.5-3% more fuel with every 10 degrees lower IAT)

Thank you

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