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how can I use this technic on road? Is it something possible? I see that this is something important. When I do a first calibrate on car without a IAT sensor and the ecu have all the time the price 20 oC and I didn't do all the charge temperature table 100% I have important problem on my mixture on cruise area.

It's going to be very difficult to use the technique that I demonstrate in the webinar on the road due to the time you need to hold a steady load/rpm. Of course you also have the cooling affect of the airflow on the road that will make it harder to get a change in IAT like I demonstrated in the webinar. I want to look into the idea that David suggested in the other thread on this topic and see if we can generate anything useful using the logged data and analysing it in MLVHD. I won't be able to look at this for some time but when I do I'll run a webinar on it if it proves useful.

Remember that by biasing the entire table completely to IAT this will have the ECU react the same way as if there was no charge temp estimate table. If you're struggling to tune the charge temp estimate table then this is probably a better option. Put it this way, you'll get more consistent results by using no charge temp estimate table than you will by using one that isn't tuned correctly/accurately in my opinion.

My though about that is to use the charge temp table with some number we know that is near to the optimizationed numbers and to use the IAT correction table to do some correction from there. With that the correction will be smaller than to not use the charge table. I mean that on idle generally is near to 70-80% and on full throttle and high rpm is near to 10-20% . If this logic is wrong, please correct me.

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