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086 | Closed Loop Fuel Control Link G4+

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Hello Andre,

i just watched the webinar on closed loop lambda control on the Link G4+. Very informative but one question remains.

As you said, with new technologies as CAN Wideband, you now rely on lambda mesure to use the Auto mode. If you have a standard wideband (non CAN), do you still recommend to use this mode ? or to stay with the stoich mode ?

Thank you !

With a conventional wideband I'd be a little reluctant to use closed loop at full power. Alternatively if I was to allow full Cl control I'd be setting pretty tight limits for the trim - perhaps +/-3%.

Note also in the latest 5.6.6 firmware on our ECU's which have the CLL auto mode you can now enable two 3D tables to control the amount of CL trim allowed which makes it a little more safe. So for instance you can give the ECU authority to add or remove lots of fuel at cruise conditions but then at say higher boost only allow it to add fuel but not remove any...

Adam and Andre, if using CLL on boost also and doing like Adam suggested, what you suggest to put for TP Delta Lockout and MAP Delta Lockout values? Keep CLL on with transient throttle or not?

Hey Jani, I'd start with a lockout of around 5 kpa and 5-10% TPS. Just log the results and see how the closed loop is responding. What you're trying to do is prevent the closed loop from trying to correct momentary rich or lean spikes that result from transient conditions.

Thanks Andre, I will do that :)